Reading. Friday 28th February

We will be reading, Sholock, A. (2012). ‘Methodology of the Privileged: White Anti-Racist Feminism, Systematic Ignorance, and Epistemic Uncertainty.’ Hypatia 27 (4): 701-714



Reading. Friday 14th February.

We will be reading Weir, A. (2013). ‘Feminism and the Islamic Revival: Freedom as a Practice of Belonging’ Hypatia 28 (2): 323-340 



Reading. Friday 31st January.

We will be reading Sveinsdóttir, A. (2013). ‘The Social Construction of Human Kinds’, Hypatia 28 (4): 716-732


Meetings for spring term 2014

Hello all

Meetings will take place on the following dates:

  • Friday 17th January 1pm-3pm
  • Friday 31st January 1pm-3pm
  • Friday 14th February 1pm-3pm
  • Friday 28th February 1pm-3pm
  • Friday 14th March 1pm-3pm
  • Friday 28th March 1pm-3pm

All in room 260 ERI as normal. We will be reading this chapter and discussing it on 17th Jan:

Bordo, S. (1993). ‘The Body and the Reproduction of Femininity’, in S. Bordo Unbearable Weight: Feminist, Western Culture, and the Body. pp. 165-184



Reading. Friday 13th December.

We will be reading Scheman, N. (2001) ‘Non-Negotiable Demands: Metaphysics, Politics and the Discourse of Needs’, in J. Floyd and S. Shieh (eds). Future Pasts: Refelections on the History and Nature of Analytic Philosophy. OUP.



Reading. Friday 29th November.

We will be reading Jaggar, A. (1989). ‘Love and Knowledge: Emotion in Feminist Epistemology’ Inquiry 32: 151-76 



Reading. Friday 15th November.

We will be reading Bartky, S. (1990). ‘Shame and Gender’, in S. Bartky Femininity and Domination.  pp.83-98